Using our current demo platform as a template, you can assess all it has to offer and then give us your list of changes and modifications to suit your specific needs. We will then develop those requirements within your own copy of the existing platform template. This means you only have to focus on what you need as opposed to worrying about full development from the outset.

The standard platform offers most, and maybe all, of what you require to get started, and as time passes, you can have your own enhancements added and tweaked.

Current features include -

  • Audio and video content delivery
  • Student assessments and tests, combined with instant scoring
  • Optional text based assessments that require manual grading (such as passages of text)
  • Integrated student and teacher calendars with drill down detail features and accompanying notes
  • Student noticeboard integrated with multiple teacher accounts and auto wipe after deadline date features
  • Report cards and assessment archives for future reference
  • Broadcast emails
  • Live classrooms allowing student interaction and virtual classroom sessions, combined with teacher management to allow/ban students, dispatch absenteeism emails, monitor attendees, and more.